Localise your English video with expert Dutch subtitles.

After putting so much money, time and effort into your videos, you want to make sure that your Dutch audience can understand and connect with them. I provide businesses, video makers and media companies with high-end subtitling—a written translation of the dialogue on-screen.

Subtitling involves all the elements of traditional translation … and so much more. While any decent linguist can provide a verbatim translation, the best subtitles must:

  • Be localised to culturally relevant idioms;
  • Be paraphrased to relay the core meaning of the dialogue within the time codes of the video; and
  • Maintain an optimum reading pace for the viewer.

The ideal result is that the subtitles are perfectly synchronised with the English video, in such a way that the dialogue sounds fluent and natural.

What can I subtitle for you today?

  • TV, documentaries and film
  • Corporate video
  • E-learning material
  • Online video content
  • Conferences and public speeches

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No problem! Just send me an email and I’ll be happy to discuss your subtitling project with you.