Got a question?

Do you trans­late into English or other languages as well?

No. The “mother-tongue prin­ciple” applies to trans­la­tion work. This is to ensure that the finished product is an accurate reflection of the original and captures all the subtleties of the language. A benefit of using a mother-tongue translator is that the translated document will be communicated in a way that makes cultural sense to those who read it—with no potential embarrassments! If you’re looking for a translator who translates into other languages, I can point you in the right direction.

Who is going to translate my documents?

I am. I don’t outsource. I care deeply about my work, and you will never get anything less than a first-rate, personally crafted translation from me.

Can you translate a 20-page document by tomorrow?

I’d love to but….I’m not superhuman. As a rule of thumb I can translate about 2,000 words a day. However my daily output depends on a variety of factors, such as source file format, the amount of jargon, the quality of the source text and so on. A creative marketing translation will demand more time than, say, the manual of your average fridge freezer. The best course of action is to email me the text you want translated so that I can give you a realistic, workable time scale. I always make sure I have enough time to produce a high-quality text in Dutch, research any “tricky” words or phrases, and proofread the translation diligently before sending it back to you.

Will my professional information and documents be kept confidential?

Always. I only use your documents to provide translation services to you, and will never disclose information to third parties without your prior consent.

How much do you charge?

My rate depends on the number of words in the source text, topic, degree of difficulty, language combination and source file format. You deadline can also influence my pricing schedule. I am, however, a one-woman business from home; there are no costs for glossy offices reflected in my rates! Please email me for a quotation, providing as much information as you can about your source text.

My colleague speaks Dutch and thinks she could translate my text. Why should I pay for a qualified translator?

That’s a bit like saying, “So, my sister did a degree in biochemistry, do you think I should still visit a qualified doctor?” Seriously, speaking a second language doesn’t mean that someone has the skills to translate. In fact, being proficient in another language is just the entry point into the profession. Students must demonstrate their linguistic abilities before they can start any type of translation study, honing their craft over several years before becoming a “qualified” translator.

Most businesses I work with are concerned about the bottom line. I get that. That’s why I offer fair and competitive rates. But I also offer quality. Translation mistakes are fun to mock, but no fun at all if they offend culturally, damage sales, or tarnish your hard-won reputation. When accuracy is of the utmost importance, you really should choose a qualified translator.

Have more questions? Need a quote?

Don’t hesitate to email me at info@skippertranslations.nl. Feel free to check out the rest of the website for more information!