Everything translation

What else do I do? Everything translation.

I live by a simple motto: translation shouldn’t be hard. If your project involves words, and you want them understood in Dutch, give me a shout. I regularly work with clients on all manner of projects that don’t fall under the banner of traditional translation, and I’d love the challenge of creating something totally unique for you.

From big projects like verification …

Some projects require a more stringent quality control to make sensitive texts commensurable across countries, cultures and languages. International agencies, legal bodies and those preparing multiple language versions of a poll or a survey, for example, might require segment-by-segment comparison of a target text with a source text to identify and document deviations, check compliance with a set of guidelines, and suggest corrective action as needed before they are used—a process known as “verification.” If your material needs a higher standard of care, I can help.

To small projects like the really fruity pun …

Some phrases just aren’t the same in Dutch as they are in English. I mean, who else says “Bob’s your uncle,” or “you can’t put lipstick on a pig?” Sometimes, a whole message turns on finding the perfect idiom, pun, or punchline… and those five or ten words can make or break your texts.

In other words ….

Light words or heavy-hitting, big project or small, I’ll work with you on anything. To keep things nice and simple, just email me the juicy details. I’ll always consult freely with you on any project and if I can help out, I will.